Extraordinarily simple

Simply connect your YouView box to a TV aerial and broadband and switch on

Connect to your broadband

Your broadband connection opens up a whole world of great TV, including 7 day catch up from BBC iPlayer, All 4, the ITV Hub and Demand 5, as well as on demand programmes.

The broadband connection also enables you to search through thousands of shows and keeps your YouView box up to date.

  • We recommend a minimum broadband speed of 3Mb/s (you can check your speed with our clever little app below). Watching on demand and catch up programmes will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance you may have.

  • Simply connect the ethernet cable supplied to your Youview box and the router. If your router is more than 2 metres from your box you'll need a longer ethernet cable. Or if it's in a different room you might prefer a powerline adapter, which you can buy from your nearest electrical retailer.

Connect to your aerial

YouView connects to your aerial socket, bringing you over 70 digital channels.

You'll need good digital coverage, which most of the country now has. You can check which channels are available by using our clever little app below.

  • Simply connect your existing aerial cable to the aerial connection on the back of your YouView box. Then connect your box to the TV using the HDMI cable supplied.

  • Now you can relax, explore all the channels and watch your favourite shows.

To enjoy the full YouView experience you need good digital TV coverage and a recommended broadband speed of 3.0Mb/s.

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