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Mike Ward's TV blog - Easter

As viewers, we don't traditionally make nearly as big a deal of the Easter TV schedules as we do the Christmas ones. This is a good thing.

While the extended break gives the channels a nice excuse, like at Christmas, to serve us up something new or a little different, there isn't the same burden of expectation weighing heavily on their shoulders. Few people ever complain that a programme isn't "Eastery" enough, or unfavourably compares the latest Easter line-up of shows to that of a so-called TV golden age which, if we're being honest, has always been something of a rose-tinted myth.

Easter TV viewing just got cheep-er with £20 off YouView set-top box via Humax Direct plus free next day delivery

To make this Easter eggs-tra special (sorry!), YouView has an eggs-lusive (sorry again!) and eggs-citing (we’ll stop now, promise!) offer to cut £20 off of the five star-rated YouView Humax set-top box.


The week-long offer begins tomorrow (Tuesday) only from pricing the YouView+ Humax DTR-T1010/500GB at just £199.99. During the offer period, it also comes with FREE next-day delivery worth £5.95, so it can be ordered in time for the four-day Easter weekend*.

Continuing investment in YouView, the fastest growing TV service in the UK, has been agreed by all 7 existing shareholders with funding guaranteed for at least 5 years.


The new agreement retains BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT, TalkTalk and Arqiva as equal shareholders committed to promoting the future of connected free-to-air TV and enabling an upgrade path to pay services.

The big tech trends for 2014 by Stuart Miles, founder of

With CES and MWC now behind us we are able to clearly see what the big trends for 2014 are shaping up to be. As you would expect, the consumer electronics industry is always moving forward, always looking for bigger and better things, albeit normally on smaller and more powerful devices.

S4C expands service to YouView

S4C is now available via on demand TV service YouView.

From today onwards, all the channel's content will be available via YouView, allowing customers across the UK to watch S4C programmes on demand for up to 35 days following the original broadcast.


London – 22 January 2014 - Multi award-winning media company UKTV has launched seven day catch up services on YouView for its popular free-to-air channels Yesterday and Really.

The services, which went live today, allow viewers to access content on both channels through Yesterday and Really branded on demand portals and through YouView’s seven-day scroll back programme guide.

YouView to support Coram children’s charity in 2014

A charity which helps change the lives of vulnerable children has been chosen as Charity of the Year by on demand TV service, YouView.

Coram, which runs one of the country’s largest charity adoption services, reaches over 13,000 children every year through a range of pioneering programmes.

On-demand TV service YouView, is looking for enthusiastic, innovative and driven technology students to join its first ever internship this summer.

Technology and innovation is at the heart of everything we do at YouView and the interships offer a unique and valuable experience to help successfully springboard the best and brightest students into their favoured technology career.

Mike Ward's TV blog - New Year 2014

Sherlock, Celebrity Big Brother, The Bletchley Circle, Dancing On Ice, Silent Witness, Stargazing, David Blaine: Real Or Magic, The Voice UK, Outnumbered, Splash!

Yes, I know what you’re going to ask. You’re going to ask why I’m just listing random names of television programmes. Fair question, I suppose. Any idiot can do that.

Mike Ward's TV blog - Christmas and New Year

At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, there’s one heck of a lot of stuff on TV this Christmas.

And really good stuff, too, that’s my point. Stuff for which you’d be well advised to jab the little red ‘R’ button on your YouView remote, knowing there almost certainly won’t be enough hours in the day – or days in the week, for that matter – to watch everything at the time it goes out. Stuff to savour once the relatives are out of your hair, bless them, and the kids are tucked up, and you’ve finally got time, as they say, to put your feet up.

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