Product Privacy Policy

Like any internet-connected device, we and content providers collect certain information from you and your YouView device when you use your YouView device and access the YouView Service.  Please note that most of the information we collect is purely technical in nature and relates only to our users' YouView devices and does not enable us to identify you as an individual (unless you voluntarily provide your personal contact details to us when, for example, contacting us for technical support reasons), but does enable us to maintain, personalise and improve the YouView Service (in each case as described below).  The information that our content providers collect will be governed by their own privacy practices, as described below.

We take our responsibilities under data protection law seriously.  For this reason, we provide you with this Privacy Policy so you can understand the types of information we collect from your YouView device and what we do with this information.  It also explains how you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and your rights in respect of the information we collect.

By agreeing to these Terms you are providing your consent for us to use the information we collect about you (including personal information) for the purposes set out below.



1.1          Device Settings and Preferences: In the course of using the YouView Service, you may alter settings or set preferences.  We will use these in order to maintain, improve and personalise your experience of the YouView Service (in each case as described below). Some of these settings and preferences are system-wide, which means that they will be made accessible to content providers, so you only need turn on a setting or preference once. The following settings and preferences will be made accessible in this way:

1.1.1       Accessibility Settings and Preferences: We provide (and will provide) a range of Accessibility Settings including Subtitles, Subtitle Language, Audio Description, Audio Language, Signing and Quality Preferences.

1.1.2       Parental Controls: These controls enable you to protect your children from accessing Content that may be inappropriate for them. 

1.2          Location: In the same way that traditional TV broadcasters provide regionalised content to their viewers (for example, regional news programs or advertisements), we and our content providers may provide you with Content that is localised to the geographic area where you live. To do this, we and they collect certain location information from your YouView device.

1.2.1       Approximate geographic region: We and our content providers can determine the approximate geographic area in which you use your YouView device by, for example, using information included in the broadcast signal received by your TV aerial. This information only indicates the approximate geographic area in which you use your YouView device (such as your county, but not your street address) and is necessary for Content regionalisation purposes.  For example, the YouView device will choose between providing you with access to ITV, STV or UTV, as appropriate for your region.

In addition, we and our content providers will also use this information for aggregated reporting and analysis purposes, and our content providers may also use it to provide regionalised advertising to your YouView device.  This means that our content providers may substitute 'standard' adverts with ones that are specific to your approximate location and therefore more likely to be relevant to you.

1.2.2       Postcode: We ask you for your postcode upon your set-up of the YouView service. We and our content providers will use your postcode for reporting and/or analysis purposes and/or to provide Content-related services which may include additional and improved localisation services (such as local radio), beyond what can be provided through simply using your approximate geographic location. We and our content providers may also use your postcode to provide locally relevant advertising to you on your YouView device. If you do not want your postcode to be available to our content providers, you can opt out of sharing this information in the Settings menu (see our Data Promise for more information). If you have entered your postcode incorrectly, or wish to add your postcode after set-up, you can update it via the Settings menu.

1.3          Usage Data: In the same way that websites automatically store log files which are incidentally generated by your use of that website, your YouView device automatically generates data about your use of that device and of the YouView Service, termed “Usage Data”. This data may include, for example, the type of content you watch, the journey you took to reach specific Content, what Content was played and how you use the YouView service such as whether you watch content live, on demand or save content to watch later. YouView will use this data (together with your device’s current RUID or any or all of the anonymous Device IDs (see paragraph 1.5 below) and/or your IP Address and/or associated autonomous system number (“ASN”)) and may share such data with content providers and other third parties to: 

1.3.1       Power services such as 'Most Popular' and Recommendations and

1.3.2       Improve and develop the YouView Service including offering additional services to you.

1.4          Operational and Error Data: Whenever you access a part of the YouView Service to play a programme, for example catch-up TV or linear TV, any errors that occur with the YouView Service will be logged by your YouView device in association with your device’s then-current RUID and/or your IP Address (and associated ASN). This data will be periodically reported back to us and we will use it to identify and, where necessary and possible, remedy any problems with your device and the YouView Service and also to monitor issues with the YouView Service in the interests of continuous improvement. We also use Operational and Error Data to identify any attempted circumvention of device security (see paragraph 1.6 below), so that we can protect our intellectual property rights and those of our content providers.

1.5          Device IDs: Your YouView device contains various device unique identifiers (you can think of these as being like serial numbers) that we or our content providers access for important operational, analytical and security purposes.  We describe these identifiers below so that you understand what they are and why we need to use them. 

1.5.1       Device Unique ID (‘DUID’): Your YouView device contains a Unique Device ID (‘DUID) to which ‘YouView Affiliate ISPs’ have access (i.e. internet service providers who have entered into a legally binding agreement with us). YouView Affiliate ISPs use the DUID (together with certain Operational and Error Data, described below) to optimise Content and ISP services on your YouView device, to provide you with remote customer support (when you need it) and for account management purposes.  

1.5.2       Device Make and Model ID: Your YouView device contains a non-specific ID which allows us to determine what type of make and model it is. This will be used to ensure that your device receives the correct software updates and upgrades. Our content providers also access your Device Make and Model ID to check that you are using a valid YouView device when serving Content to you and also for the purpose of maintaining secure connections with your device, when necessary.

1.5.3       Reporting Unique ID (‘RUID’): Your YouView device also generates a unique reporting ID which we use to report Operational and Error Data and to power certain services for you (such as ‘Most Popular’ and 'Recommendations' services, and ways to save your favourite channels and programmes). We provide RUIDs along with your IP address to YouView’s Affiliate ISPs for the purpose of investigating and resolving any issues you may raise with your YouView device and to generally optimise content and ISP services on your YouView device. You can change this ID at any time by performing a factory reset of your YouView device.

1.5.4       Digital Rights Management Unique Device ID (‘DRM IDs’): Your YouView device also contains multiple Digital Rights Management Unique Device IDs (‘DRM IDs’). DRM IDs are used by some content providers responsible to protect their intellectual property rights in the Content they provide. Without effective digital rights management (or 'DRM'), content providers would not be able to provide premium Content, such as movies, on your YouView device. DRM IDs are set by the Marlin Trust Management Organization (‘MTMO’) which is an organisation independent of us. We require content providers who use DRM IDs not to use them for any purpose other than for digital rights management to protect intellectual property in their Content.

We may also provide third parties and content providers with reports which are linked to any or all of the Device IDs.

1.6          Device Security: The Usage Data and Operational and Error Data that we collect from your YouView device (together with any Device IDs and/or the IP Address and/or the ASN) will be used by us to maintain the security of your YouView device and to protect our intellectual property rights and those of our content providers. We may use it, for example, to identify any attempted circumvention of Digital Rights Management technologies on your device. If we reasonably suspect that the Digital Rights Management system on your YouView device has been circumvented or is likely to be circumvented, then we and our content providers may take technical and legal measures to protect and enforce our intellectual property rights. This may include taking measures to prevent your YouView device from playing Content that is protected by Digital Rights Management technologies.

1.7          Internet service discovery: Your YouView device may discover information about the internet service to which it is connected, where that information is provided by your ISP.  This information will be stored locally on your device. Content providers will be able to access this information from the device to enable them to tailor their Content services accordingly (for example, to ensure that you have access to all Content services that should be available to you as a customer of your ISP).


1.8           Support: The first time you contact our support centre, you will be asked to provide us with certain information, including "Personal Data" (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998). We will store this data on our systems for as long as it necessary for us to provide our services to you. We will use this information to respond to your query and any other queries you may contact us with and if you consent to conduct customer satisfaction surveys for marketing purposes.



2.1          Content providers may use cookies and/or other forms of locally stored data including without limitation locally shared objects on your YouView device to store their own settings, preferences and other personalised information, and/or for Content protection. A cookie is a small data file, often including a unique identifier, that is stored on your device. Other forms of locally stored data can be used in a similar manner. Cookies and locally stored data may be set on your YouView device in the same way and for the same types of reasons as they are used on the internet.

2.2          Content providers will use cookies and locally stored data in accordance with their own privacy policies so you should always read the privacy policy of each content provider whose Content you access to stay fully informed of their privacy practices.  

2.3          We provide you with the ability to clear cookies and locally stored data stored on your YouView device, which you can do at any time via the Settings menu by conducting a factory reset of your device. If you delete them this may cause some services not to work correctly or as well as they might otherwise work – for example you may need to log into a service again even if you have already logged in before.



3.1 We will use and store information about you, as set our in this privacy policy, for so long as you use the YouView Service and for as long as is necessary for the purposes set our in this Privacy Policy after you cease using the YouView Service.


4.1          In addition to content providers, we may also share information about you or your YouView device with other third party service providers who perform services on our behalf. We will only share your information to the extent this is necessary to enable those service providers to provide their services to us and under a strict duty of confidence.

4.2          In addition, we may disclose information collected about you or your YouView device where this is necessary to comply with applicable law or regulation, in response to a lawful request from a law enforcement agency or court of competent jurisdiction, or where we believe disclosure is necessary to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights or those of our content or other service providers.

4.3          In the event that a third party acquires some or all of our assets or business, the information we hold about you and your YouView device will be transferred to that third party so that they can continue to provide the YouView Service to you.

4.4     If you provide us with information (including Personal Data) when you contact our support centre we may share this information about you , if you consent, with our YouView Affiliate ISPs only for the purpose of the YouView Service.    

4.5 Finally, we may disclose and use anonymised, aggregated reporting and statistics about users of the YouView Service for the purpose of internal reporting or reporting to our content or other service providers, and for our marketing and promotion purposes. None of these anonymised, aggregated reports or statistics will enable our users to be personally identified.



From time to time, some of our service providers may provide services to us from territories that are outside the European Economic Area (the "EEA").  Territories outside the EEA may not have the same standards of data protection as those, like the UK, that are in the EEA.  However, if we provide any Personal Data about you to any such non-EEA service providers, we take all necessary measures to ensure those service providers protect your information adequately in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



We use appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect both the security of information stored on your YouView device and information that we collect from you and your YouView device. However, as with any internet-connected device, no internet transmission can ever be guaranteed 100% secure, so you should always take care whenever disclosing personal information about yourself online.



7.1          You have the right to contact us at any time (using the contact details on our website) to request that we correct or update any inaccurate or out-of-date Personal Data we hold about you. You can also ask us for access to any Personal Data we hold about you and, if you do, we are entitled to charge a fee for providing this access set by law (currently £10). 

7.2          However, please note that most of the information we collect is purely technical in nature and relates only to our users' YouView devices. Most of the information we hold does not specifically relate to (and cannot be linked to) any identifiable individual, and as such is not Personal Data about you.

7.3          Please also note that if you want to access, correct or update Personal Data held about you by any of our content providers, you should contact those content providers directly.





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