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YouView launches The Weather Network App

From today, all 2.5million+ YouView connected set top boxes across the UK will be able to check the weather across the globe with a simple click to launch The Weather Network App.

The Weather Network App provides users with the current weather conditions for their selected cities as well as longer-term forecasts. In addition, the App can pinpoint the weather to within 1 kilometre from a YouView set top box.

The application, which launched earlier today, also integrates photos and videos uploaded from users across the globe as well as maps and ski reports.

Additional features include:

– Accurate forecasting throughout the UK

– Users are able to save their favourite locations, enabling quick and easy access to weather information via the touch of a button

– Maps for major cities across Europe, US and Canada

The Weather Network App is the second content provider to launch on YouView since they announced a re-engineering and re-design of the entire platform known as Next Generation YouView; the rollout of which continues across all of YouView’s connected devices, including BT TV and TalkTalk TV homes.

David Faulkner, Head of Corporate and Business Development, YouView, said: “The Weather Network is a great addition to our App line up offering our viewers greater choice of content and live weather information.”

“We have been and continue to be a pioneer in the field of TV apps and live-streaming as The Weather Network was one of the first to launch interactive TV over satellite and over cable through Videoway technology in 1991. The continual evolution and growth of our TV apps and streaming services shows just how committed we are to be a leader in the space. This app was developed together with a TV App agency based in the U.K. to cater specifically to that audience.” said Naomi Lipowski, Director of TV Apps and Emerging Technology for The Weather Network.