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Life of a YouView Intern

Meet Michael Jones, a third year Business Management Student at Swansea University. Michael has just completed a 10 week placement at YouView, within our project management department.

What made you want to join YouView?
It was something different to what I’ve done before, especially being a technology company with multiple shareholders. After my interview it solidified why I wanted to join the company, as there was so much I could learn on my 10 week placement here. Other factors such as the benefits and great location right in the city of London helped.

How did you find out about the YouView internship programme?
Due to my year abroad in Texas, I was quite late in searching for an internship; luckily the application deadline for YouView had not quite closed, which gave me an opportunity to apply via

How did your assessed internship help prepare you for your role here?
Part of my assessment was to create a project plan for a specific case study, which helped get my brain into gear and get back into the working world mind-set after having a study abroad year in Texas.

What was your first day like?
My first day was very informative, with a tour of the office, a session to get to know the other interns and a 1 to 1 with each of our line managers to understand the role and the team I would be working in.

What’s the best thing been about working at YouView?
The best thing is the people and more importantly the product itself. I love explaining to people what YouView is, and how they may or may not already be using it.

What do you love about your role?
I love that I can speak to all of the senior managers, they are all approachable and friendly and happy to answer any questions that I have. The work/life balance is really good, allowing me to explore London while I live here for the summer. I also love the social activities, such as the annual YouView Soft Ball Tournament in Regents Park, social events on our balcony and planning the YouView Table Football Tournament.

What have you learnt during your time here?
Despite having a small understanding of ‘Agile methodology’ it’s been great to see it in full flow, and in practice. I’ve also learned more about the company, its shareholders and the TV landscape as a whole.

What did you enjoy most about your time at here?
I was heavily involved in planning the Table football tournament, which helped raise over £100 for YouView’s Charity of the Year – Age UK. I also thoroughly enjoyed my assignment, where I had to build a project dashboard to improve visibility of all projects, and it’s great to finally see it in action. I also enjoyed working alongside the other project managers, as well as learning the project process from beginning to end.

What advice would you give to anyone considering YV for an internship?
Make sure you research the company before joining, not just the website but research their shareholders and what they do within the technology industry. I would also advise you to get to know the other interns as soon as you can, as they will be in a similar position to you and not know anyone. I also found hanging out at lunch times with different people and fellow interns will help you settle in quickly. And lastly be ready to work had and to learn a lot quickly.