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Starting your career at YouView

Meet Fergus McWalters, our Software Engineer. Fergus started as an intern and liked us so much that he returned for our graduate scheme. He shares his insights into starting his career at YouView.

What did you do before YouView?

Before YouView I was a full time student at Queen Mary University of London, studying computer science. In the summer before my final year, I took part in a 10-week technology internship at YouView, where I was able to gain invaluable insight as part of the Test Automation team. Off the back of that, I applied and successfully gained a place on the two year graduate scheme for the following September.

What were you looking for in a graduate programme?

Despite already having an understanding of YouView, I wanted something that could offer me lots of variation, as I wasn’t sure exactly what element of computer science I enjoyed the most. I knew YouView dealt with a lot of technologies and at that time was moving to the cloud. It was already showing me the opportunities of areas I could work in.

What were the first few months like?

My first few weeks were very informative, be prepared to learn a lot. I initially got placed in manual test which was great as it’s a department where you see everything that goes on with the product from UI to cloud services and test automation.

After a while you move around departments, which enable you to fully understand not only how the different departments operate but the business as a whole.

Straight away you may also be put into a cluster, which means you work on a specific part of the product such as the guide, recordings or setup. Someone from each team (UX, product, test etc) is within each cluster and it’s a great opportunity for you to work with people from different divisions.

What did you find most enjoyable about the graduate scheme?

Firstly, you can come in each and every day and learn something new, from someone within your own department or a different one; it shows how close everyone works together. The best part however would be how sociable and nice everyone is, it’s the best quality at YouView.

As a whole the environment at YouView is like a start-up and you have the autonomy to make your own pathway.

Why should the next generation of graduates apply to be on YouView’s graduate scheme?

YouView is such a great place to not only start your career in tech, but it equips you with the skills that are invaluable in the industry. You get to not only work with fellow graduates but with people who have years of industry expertise and are more than happy to help and guide you.

From my own personal experience, I did not know what I wanted to do after university but I knew it would I wanted to be in a technology company using my degree. I knew YouView would be the best fit because you can start off the placement in one department like I did and move to work in another after a few months.

What advice would you give to anyone considering applying for YouView’s graduate scheme?

Make sure you do your research, understand how technology you’re interested in works and know your CV! YouView want people with not only the skills but passion to be innovative and be able to think ahead.

What do you recommend the new recruits do, to get the most out of the placement?

Be prepared to learn a lot, quickly and jump straight into any opportunities that arise. I highly recommend any future graduates to get involved as much as possible because this way you fully learn what you work best at; it also gives you the freedom to take on projects that are of interest to you.

What are your top tips or advice for success at YouView?
My two top tips for any new recruit would be to always ask questions, even if you think they are silly, and always be inquisitive.

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