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GB News App launches on YouView Set-top boxes

As of 13th December, YouView set-top box users* will be able to access the GB News app directly from the Apps page. With this integration, users will be able to access the GB News content hub seamlessly and easily.

Whether they prefer watching the channel live or catching up on their favourite programmes through VOD (Video on Demand), this integration aims to cater to diverse viewer preferences, providing flexibility and accessibility in every aspect of content consumption.

In App content (Image: GB News)

GB News VOD content will be easily discoverable through YouView Search, YouView TV Shows, and YouView MyTV, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated viewing experience.

Main menu (Image: GB News)

In addition, all GB News content within the app will be freely accessible, and no user account will be required to enjoy the diverse range of programmes available. This commitment to a free and open platform underscores the dedication to making quality news and entertainment content available to a broad audience.

*Excluding Humax T10xx and Huawei DN370T devices.

N.B.: To identify your YouView device model, please follow these instructions.