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YouView Partners with BDF

As part of our commitment to building a more inclusive workplace, YouView proudly announces its partnership with Business Disability Forum (BDF). By collaborating with BDF, we hope to transform our internal culture and set new standards for inclusion throughout the business world.

Who are they?

Established in 2002, Business Disability Forum is a leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting disability awareness and inclusion at work. With a strong track record of supporting businesses in their journey towards becoming more disability-smart, BDF provides invaluable insights, resources, and guidance to its members.

A Pioneering Move towards Inclusive Business Practices
With our partnership with BDF, we've reached an important milestone. It's a testament to our commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment in which all employees, regardless of abilities, can thrive.

- Elouise Inzani, Talent Acquisition Manager

We recognise the benefits of creating a more inclusive work environment. It strengthens employee engagement and loyalty in addition to encouraging innovation and creativity. Furthermore, it overlaps with societal shifts toward greater acceptance and integration of people with disabilities.

By taking this step, YouView joins the ranks of forward-looking companies that are actively shaping the future where disability isn't seen as an obstacle to success but an advantage. We are not only changing our own corporate culture by partnering with Business Disability Forum but are also contributing to a more inclusive business environment.

Creating a more inclusive world starts with collaboration, as this partnership demonstrates. By taking this significant step, we hope to send a resounding message to our employees, partners, and peers that inclusion is more than just a corporate buzzword.