Television in living room with YouView branding

A great year for YouView: Highlights of 2023/24!

Written by Riccardo Balestiero, CEO of YouView

As we close out another fiscal year, I’d like to take this moment to reflect on our achievements and the strategic progress we’ve made. This year has been particularly transformative for YouView having achieved significant delivery milestones and having kicked off a set of forward-thinking initiatives which lay a robust foundation for our future growth.

Join us as we recap this remarkable year:

  • We landed a new strategic customer in Everyone TV and with the Freely product launch (29th April 2024), delivered one of the biggest HbbTV Op App deployments in Europe, resulting in a new paradigm for free, British, high-quality content consumption over IP across the UK. As the Freely product rolls out to more Smart TVs it will allow us to double our scale over the next three years.
  • We landed YouView on Apple TV through the launch of EE TV’s User Interface on the device back in November, a key milestone in our growth strategy beyond the set-top box. As a result, we proved that super-aggregating of free/pay and linear/on-demand content is not only possible on a proprietary device built by a Content Aggregator, but also on a third-party one.
  • As a strategic step to diversify our revenue streams, we rolled out our Ad Tech product (DAI or Dynamic Advertising Insertion) to ITV and Channel 4 channels and across more of our installed base.
  • We further grew our presence on the Google TV/Android Operating Systems through the Talk Talk box and the Sony TV User Interface, with the YouView UI now available across our very own OS, Google/Android, Apple TV OS and HbbTV.
  • With the launch of Apple TV+, Discovery+, Disney+ and GB News, we added more content providers to our platform further enhancing the viewing experience for our customers.
  • Importantly, we have made significant progress toward securing a new three-year funding term with our shareholders, which will provide us with the necessary resources to fuel our growth and compete in an increasingly IP-centric world.
  • I am also delighted to announce that we have achieved B-Corp accreditation and signed the SME Climate Pledge, demonstrating our commitment to the planet and our dedication to making YouView a better place to work.

We operate in a market characterised by a continuous decline in traditional set-top box platforms and exponential growth in Smart TVs, shifting towards an IP-only environment. This market is marked by increasing fragmentation of consumer choice options across content and platforms, and the emergence of new business models to monetise the IP landscape. Looking ahead, we aim to double our device footprint, continue delighting our end-users, and further grow our revenues by both supporting our customers and diversifying our business to seize the new opportunities offered by the IP world.

I am very much looking forward to 2024/25.