Introducing Freely: A New Era in Free TV!

Freely, the innovative successor to Freeview, ushers in a new era of television viewing in the UK. Launched in April 2024 and backed by BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, Freely is already available on new 4K smart TVs from Hisense, the third largest TV brand in the UK, and Vestel, the hugely successful manufacturer behind many popular brands such as Bush. Freely is directly built into the TVs operating system as the default live TV experience and works without the need to connect to a dish or aerial. With added features allowing viewers to pause or restart live TV as well discover more great shows to stream on demand with search and browse areas, viewers can enjoy all the free TV available in one place. This subscription free service brought to you by Everyone TV, the company behind Freeview and Freesat, marks a significant shift in how television content is consumed and YouView was critical in making this happen.

Freely homescreen interface on TV
How YouView played a key role in Freely

Since 2012, YouView has specialised in designing, developing and operating TV platforms on set-top boxes, smart TVs and streaming pucks, partnering the likes of TalkTalk, BT, EE and Sony. YouView’s expertise along with a pedigree in championing free to air TV made YouView ideally placed to be selected as the technology partner to build and operate the Freely experience. YouView and Everyone TV, the company behind Freely, have worked together at the centre of a complex set of relationships and technologies spanning content partners, broadcasters, TV manufacturers and retailers to ultimately make the TV experience brilliantly simple for viewers at home to enjoy.

The TV landscape is evolving

At the recent DTG summit in London, MP Julia Lopez highlighted the rapid growth of IPTV and gigabit broadband access across the UK. By 2040, it is projected that 90% of UK homes will have IPTV connected in their living rooms, eliminating the need for satellite dishes and aerials. This shift towards broadband-driven television is paving the way for easier access to free TV and a more seamless viewing experience.

Why YouView’s partnership with Freely is a game-changer

This innovation represents a significant milestone in the evolution of television. By leveraging broadband connectivity, it offers a much more flexible and user-friendly way to accessing free to air TV services. YouView's involvement in Freely underscores their commitment to developing user-centric interfaces and fostering partnerships that drive change at scale. As the television industry continues to evolve, YouView is well-positioned to lead the way, adding new capabilities to their portfolio and extending their reach into the all-IP world.

Freely is set to transform the way viewers access and enjoy television content. As the industry moves towards a more connected and user-friendly future, YouView's contributions will be essential in shaping the next generation of television experiences.