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YouView proud to be working with Everyone TV and the Public Service Broadcasters to launch Freely

In September 2023 the UK's leading public service broadcasters and Everyone TV (the organisation which runs free TV in the UK) announced a 2024 target launch of Freely a new service set to evolve free TV for the streaming age.

The Freely service will deliver live free TV via Broadband enabling British viewers to easily browse and watch live TV channels together with on demand content, streamed straight to their Smart TVs via the internet, without needing to be connected to an aerial or satellite dish.

As viewers increasingly consume content online, this next phase for free TV is about the distribution and availability of the PSBs’ live channels over the internet.

Access and Consumption of content will happen through the Freely experience, seamlessly integrated into the User Interface of the next generation of leading Smart TVs.

TV in living room on bench
Freely will be rolling out across the next generation of smart TVs and launching on the first smart TV models in 2024.

The service will help ensure the availability of PSB services into the future and complement the new provisions for on demand and streaming prominence, set out in the draft Media Bill. Freely will ensure that all viewers have access to a quality, free live TV experience that champions British content and supports the UK creative industry and we believe Freely will play a key role in protecting the UK’s TV ecosystem ensuring that the best of British creativity on TV does not get crowded out by subscription-driven streaming giants.

We could not be more delighted to be working as technology partner to ETV to bring to market a TV experience that will allow millions of UK homes to discover and enjoy the best of free TV on the next generation of leading Smart TVs; to be supporting Everyone TV’s mission of ensuring the universality of public-service television is sustained into the future; to be contributing to guarantee the broadcasting landscape remains as competitive, creative and inclusive as it is today!