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YouView proud to support ‘New EE’ TV experiences

On 6th December, the BT Group launched “new EE”, its new end-user facing lead brand with a vision for it to become the most personal, customer-focused brand in the UK. New EE signals BT Group’s ambition to extend beyond Telecommunication services, with new EE striving to be a Tech brand serving our whole connected life. As part of this effort BT TV was renamed EE TV and existing BT TV customers experienced a branding change in the User Interface while still getting the same entertainment and sport they know and love, all for the same price.

The BT TV Homescreen, rebranded to New EE. (Image: YouView)

Both new customers and existing customers willing to upgrade their service can now choose between two new EE branded TV boxes (with or without recording capability) all without the need for a TV aerial or choose to access the EE TV service from the New EE TV App exclusively on Apple TV 4K boxes*.

The EE branded TV Box Pro recordable set top box
The EE branded TV Box Pro recordable set top box. (Image: EE).

Introducing the new EE TV App

YouView, in collaboration with EE, have designed a new TV app for customers who choose to buy the Apple 4K TV Box. This new app gives you access to all your live channels in one place, all streamed over the internet. No aerial required*.

As the CEO of YouView, I am thrilled to present our latest and greatest UI for EE TV. It’s been a brilliant collaboration with EE. It exemplifies our commitment to innovation and underscores the power of strategic partnerships. We’re looking forward to iterating on this product in the future and bringing more value to customers homes.

-Riccardo Balestiero, YouView CEO

The EE TV App Homescreen showcasing all your live TV
The EE TV App Homescreen showcasing all your live TV in one app as well as OnDemand from your favourite players and subscription services. (Image: YouView)

A new partnership powerhouse

EE has partnered with Apple to become the first ‘aggregated Live TV provider’ for Apple in the UK, a milestone moment in the UK market for linear TV content aggregation over IP for non-proprietary platforms.

EE TV app customers* can see their favourite live channels from multiple providers in one Guide, meaning no more opening and closing apps to see what’s on now. You can view them all in one, simple, easy to use Guide. You can browse what’s on now or later, filter your channels or create a favourite channel list.

The new EE TV app Guide
Watch favourite channels in the new EE TV app Guide (Image: EE)
EE’s new Apple TV remote control
(Image: EE)

EE’s new Apple TV remote control

Customers who choose the Apple 4K TV box, are also given an EE branded TV remote control, which has extra buttons, like Guide, Channel up/down, Play/Pause and Fast Forward/Rewind, for a more live TV centric viewing experience.

A TV experience enhanced with Siri

One of the key benefits of having an Apple TV box is using Siri. Apple are renowned for world class voice services, and Siri can be used on the remote control to tune to a channel from anywhere. Just by pressing and holding the Voice button, users can say “Tune to BBC One” or “Play TNT Sports 1 HD” for example.

The Voice button can also be used to search for shows from the EE TV Search Keyboard using Siri’s Voice Dictation - much quicker than typing!

EE TV search tool
Voice Dictation is a quick, easy way, to use the EE TV search tool. (Image: YouView)

More than just Live TV

As well as all the live channels in one app, the EE TV app offers customers a large selection of On Demand programmes to browse from. Never miss the big shows, with our must-see recommendations or see what’s trending by genre.

Customers can also buy or rent the latest movies and shows from the EE TV Store, so they can enjoy the very latest in entertainment as soon as it’s available.

EE TV app Shows & Films sections
Recommendations and Genres in the TV Shows & Films sections. (Image: YouView)
Our collaboration with YouView to design and deliver this innovation has been excellent. EE customers are going to love the engaging UI and intuitive design.

- Alistair Wilson – Director of Partnerships and Business Development, EE

Following the launch of the new EE TV app and the rebranded EE TV boxes, YouView and EE are committed to continuously improving these products and we’re looking forward to adding more features and improvements in the near future.

* Customers will need to have Broadband and TV from EE, as well as an EE provisioned Apple TV 4K box to fully access the EE TV app. Channels available to play will depend on your TV subscription.